Fallen Warriors from our heartland


This site is dedicated to our fallen heroes so that they may not be forgotten!  It is not intended to be a political forum,  company bashing or any type of political statement.  Just to honor their memory.

As in 9/11, we should remember what and especially who we are fighting against.  Some of the secondary links below may not be suited for small children and may bring back some very sad and tearful memories. I only have links for info at this moment in time, I will add my own text after I get the rest of the names.... this is a working project and will take some time.



I recently read a book  called "Seal of God" by Chad Williams & David Thomas

Chad Williams who became a Navy Seal was being trained by Stephen "Scott" Helvenston several months prior  to his enlistment.  The book inspired me to create a chain book... instead of passing around an e-mail, I signed the book and dated it and gave it to another young man who has already passed it on.  


All Warriors Slide show


Warning: Some links below will be up setting to close friends and families-so don't follow them!

Richard Allen "Kato" Bruce- 01/06/2004

Stephen Scotten "Scott" Helvenston-31/03/2004

Michael "Iron Mike" Teague-31/03/2004

Wesley  John Kealoha Batalona-31/03/2004

Jerko "Jerry" Zovko-31/03/2004

Krzysztof Tadeusz Kaskos-05/06/2004

Jarrod Christopher Little-05/06/2004

Christopher Edward Neidrich-05/06/2004

Artur Sebastian Zukowski-05/06/2004

Noel Braxton English-27/11/2004

Loren Dell "Butch" Hammer-27/11/2004

Melvin Eric Rowe-27/11/2004

Robert "Jason" Gore-21/04/2005

Curtis Hundley-21/04/2005

Steven McGovern-21/04/2005

Jason Obert-21/04/2005

David "Mike" Patterson-21/04/2005

Luke Petrik-21/04/2005

Eric Smith-21/04/2005

Thomas "Bama" Jaichner-10/05/2005

Peter Jay Tocci-19/09/2005

Kenneth Demille Webb-19/09/2005

David Robert Shephard-19/09/2005

James Cantrell-12/03/2005

Bruce T. Durr-12/03/2005

Rod "K2" Richardson-04/10/2006

Casey Casavant-23/01/2007

Steve A. Gernet-23/01/2007

Ronald Johnson-23/01/2007

Arthur Laguna-23/01/2007

Shane L. Stanfield-23/01/2007

Patrick "Stazi" Waterbury-09/04/2008

Jerome "Jerry" McCauley-3/01/2008

Glen Wenzel-24/02/2009

William "Sony" Hinchman-17/07/2009

Roland M. Tressler-17/07/2009

William "Brian" Woods-16/08/2009

David W. LaConte-13/11/2009

Jeremy J. Wise-30/12/2009

Dane C. Paresi-30/12/2009

Lance M. Warren-26/02/2010

Michael "Max" Sacks-29/07/2010

Nicholas W. Leotti-08/02/2010


Fallen K-9's



If you have any photos of our fallen brothers and would to share them, please forward to me...

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