Just a few friends or unknown local heros!

Sensei Herbert L. Davis- 2-10-1950  ~  8-6-2010

   In memory of Bob Spainhour-NCRR President

U. S. Army Sgt. First Class Paul R. Smith Receives Medal of Honor * 4 April 2005

U. S Marine Cpl. Jason Dunham Receives Medal of Honor * 11 Jan 2007

Colonel Jeff Cooper- 25 Sept 06

In Memory of Gen. Hong Hi Choi-The father of TKD

In Memory of  Taekwondoist Brandon Ferris-What Prescription Drugs can do to your CHILD 

In Memory of  Marine Sgt. Jayton Patterson


In  Memory of the Great Howard Jackson

USMC-Together We Served

Virginia Fallen Troops Foundation

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